Media Station KL-3W

  • Portable Media Capture Solution

Coming with 7” LCD display, AREC KL-3W is a lightweight, portable and all-in-one Media Station. Compatible with AREC AM-601 Wireless Microphone

  • Easy to Create Your Live Video Like a Pro

Designed to support every user to enjoy making and delivering high-quality videos without any professional skills

  • Capture Up to 3 Video Sources at the Same Time

KL-3W supports capturing up to 3 video sources through HDMI / VGA/ RJ45 interfaces at the same time.

  • Achieve Multi-Source Live Streaming

Multi-source live streaming to broadcast the live image and voice on YouTube, Facebook, UStream, Twitch and other live broadcasting websites.

  • Flexible 3-Inputs and 4 Video Files Design

Supports up to 3-input sources capturing and up to 4 synchronized recording videos.

  • Real Time Assistant Video Making

Support AREC Online Director with overlay and background functions.

  • AREC Video Manager: Videos With Just One Click

Administrators or teachers can manage videos stored in the local Media Station remotely

  • Built-in Hard Drive Storage & Backup

Equipped with 1TB hard drive. Supports automatic and remote FTP backup
Download KL-3W datasheet HERE.