April 05, 2017

March 30th, 2017, Sanel N.V. – AREC official partner in Benelux, has held an event for theater and auditorium managers/owners. During this event, ADENA Limited colleague – Edgar Morales, made a presentation regarding the newest technology to do live streaming. Participants were surprised how easy-to-use live streaming via AREC Media Capture System.

Nowadays, to increase customer database is one of the most important part for mentioned businesses. Thanks to internet, because now we are able to reach people from remote site, by doing live streaming to internet.

You don’t need to worry, if you have no idea about internet settings or you are afraid of new devices. To do live streaming with AREC Media Capture System requires only a few clicks. We have shown, how easy it is during the event, and more than 40 technicians from 22 theaters agreed with us! Give yourself a chance to discover it!

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