Challenges in educational market and AREC solution:

  • Students from different campuses will attend the same class.
    AREC Media Station can broadcast between two Media Stations. Install a Media Station in each classroom/auditorium and create so an inter-campus class.
  • Teachers have to use many extra devices for their classes.
    AREC Media Station supports 4 LAN ports and 2 HDMI/VGA as video inputs, any device supporting HDMI/VGA video out (for instance: PC, laptop, document camera, digital microscope, interactive board and many others) can be used as a video source for AREC Media Station. As a case reference, there is a medical university in Taiwan using electrocardiogram machine as a video input.
  • Teachers always want to interact with students.
    AREC Media Capture System offers a Student Tracking system “S1”. S1 combined with AREC Auto-Tracking System TP-100 and AREC wide angle IP camera CI-230, so users can capture everybody in the classroom who wants to speak up.
  • Teachers usually don’t know how to use IT related products.
    AREC Media Capture System comes with a remote control and an amazing graphical user interface that significantly reduce users’ pressure when learning how to use a new device. Using AREC Media Capture System is just like enjoying your TV at home.
  • It is difficult for teachers to archive recorded videos.
    AREC Media Capture System supports an automatic upload to FTP server once the recording is finished.
  • Teachers need to be able to download recorded videos at any time.
    With AREC’s “Video Manager”, teachers can freely download their video remotely at any moment as long as they are in the same network.
  • Schools may already have a control system in the classrooms installed, it won’t work with another equipment.
    AREC Media Station can be integrated with it. As an open solution AREC provides API or simple command list for integration.
  • Schools/universities always want to have their own designed videos or videos with their own characteristics, e.g. insignia.
    AREC provides original video export: you can record videos from all inputs in their original format and edit them in any 3rd party software later.