Challenges in corporate market and AREC solution:

  • Employees, who are not in office at the moment, have to be up to date with all latest plans and strategies.
    With AREC Media Capture System, corporations can broadcast meetings via public cloud servers, such as YouTube, to ensure that every employee can see how the meetings go. Even during a business trip, attendees won’t miss anything.
  • HR usually needs to conduct trainings several times for different branches and departments.
    AREC Media Capture System can broadcast between AREC Media Stations. If employees are not able to attend a particular training, they can still stay in their location to watch the training via AREC Media Station. HR can also record the training session thanks to amazing features of AREC products and upload the video to a company server, where employees can watch or download it from.
  • Sometimes one video source has to be recorded into two different movies at the same time.
    Two Media Stations MS-350 can communicate with each other. Therefore it is possible to be recording the same video in two different Media Stations at the same time.
  • A video conference system is already installed, but it doesn’t allow the speaker to move around freely nor film him/her in close-ups.
    AREC’s real Auto-Tracking Scanner can upgrade your video conference system. By adding AREC’s “radar” and “locator”, users can create a “tracking” video conference system.
  • New products require marketing events, and marketing department wants to show them to customers in real time.
    AREC Media Capture System supports live broadcasting. With AREC Media Capture System, you can stream a live product launch show on YouTube, Facebook Live and many other similar broadcasting platforms.