Challenges in medical market and AREC solution:

  • Medical staff has to project and record images from various medical equipment (MRI, endoscope, operation robot, ultrasound, etc.) into one video.
    Media Stations can receive images from any, not only medical devices, if they support VGA/HDMI output, and record it in up to 1080P resolution. These video sources are combined into one movie, recorded and even broadcasted live, so that doctors in other locations can be part of the operation and share their expertise.
  • Doctors have to record and archive all surgeries.
    In operation rooms, AREC full HD cameras can capture every detail of operation and at the same time broadcast the picture to classrooms or auditoriums for training or seminar purposes.
  • Senior citizens residing in nursing homes should be taken care of, but it is impossible to have one staff member assigned to just one resident.
    AREC Auto-Tracking System plays an important role in nursing homes. By wearing a double-sided positioner (AM-600), AREC Auto-Tracking Scanners (TP-100) can track the seniors to protect their safety at all times.
  • There can be an emergency case in a countryside village that needs an immediate consultation with other doctors from a large hospital located in another city.
    Two AREC Media Stations (MS-350) can do a 2-way communication (by project) between each other. Doctors from the village and the hospital can so give each other advice by connecting via AREC solution.