First webinar in Russia finished with a thunderous applause!

October 24, 2016 Tayle – the best on the way, AREC’s official partner in Russia, just finished the first official webinar introducing AREC Media Capture System. AREC Media Capture System is a total solution which helps users to save their time and budget! They no longer have to search for a recorder/switcher/streamer/splitter/scaler and other devices needed for the traditional way of video capturing and streaming. All these functions can be performed by just one AREC Media Station! It is possible to mount any kind of camera on AREC Real Auto-Tracking System, if the…continue reading →

Great Contribution from Our Spanish Partner!

October 31, 2016 AREC was a star at SIMO Education, Spain 2016 At SIMO Education Spain, 2016, AREC Media Capture System faced Spanish market for the first time. Our official partner in Spain – AVIT Vision has done a great promotion of AREC Media Capture System. Our visitors were all amazed by AREC all-in-one standalone solution. AREC Media Capture System is mainly designed for educational applications, but it is not the only function how it can be used. Our customers use our portfolio also for corporate trainings, meeting/presentation recording, telemedicine and many other…continue reading →

AREC Case Study: Medical Conference

November 10, 2016 Sometimes, there are situations, for which you will need to rent the necessary equipment in order to record and broadcast an event. AREC Media Capture System can become your best ally in addressing this daunting task. In October 2016, KGBUZ “Krasnoyarsk Inter-District Hospital №4”, which specializes in gynecology, urology, surgery and is one of the leading medical institutions of reproductive health in the Krasnoyarsk region, celebrated its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, the hospital held a medical conference "30 Years of Health Protection". Besides the contained seminars, the hospital staff appreciated a…continue reading →

Opera House in Gothenburg, Sweden Uses AREC Media Capture System

November 14, 2016 The opera house in Gothenburg, Sweden used to hand out DVDs of the rehearsals to its employees – after having to compress the file. Now, thanks to AREC Media Station, the rehearsals are available on any platform after just a couple of minutes. "This is exactly what we wanted. It is really easy to use and the stage managers thinks it is really nice", says Per-Eric Dahlberg at the Gothenburg Opera. It used to take too much time to compress the files and get it out on a DVD. We…continue reading →

AREC is presented at JTSE 2016, Paris, France

November 24, 2016 November 29th and 30th of 2016. It will be the first time for AREC Media Capture System at JTSE 2016 ( in Paris, France. LBM Distribution – AREC partner in France, will demo AREC “TP-100” – the real Auto-Tracking System and “KS-2” – the most user-friendly ever standalone Media Capture Station at the show. TP-100, the real Auto-Tracking System, is the most easy-to-use tracking device in the industry. With AREC advanced technology, all you need to do is to wear AM-500 positioner, which can also be used as a wireless microphone, and…continue reading →