Challenges in different markets and AREC solution:

  • There is an annual event in a company that has to be recorded, but hiring a video production team to film it is over their budget.
    AREC Media Capture System is portable, yet very light and compact. Users can easily bring AREC Media Capture System from the office to the location of an event. Based on the conditions of the event, they can decide to use Auto-Tracking function or to manually control and manage the filming via Online Director.
  • A task of an administrator of the city court is to make as many people as possible watch the progress of a trial. It is also required to record the evidence being presented, the lawyer and the judge at the same time. Post-editing is just a waste of time and money.
    AREC Media Capture System can do simultaneous recording of 4 different video inputs and mix all video sources into one movie by user’s demand. Moreover, all AREC Media Stations support live broadcasting on e.g. YouTube, Facebook Live and many other online streaming platforms.
  • Vloggers’ challenge is to sit in front of a laptop and use just its embedded camera to broadcast to their broadcasting channel. A semi post production equipment is too expensive for them and so is a professional camera.
    AREC Media Capture System will be their best choice. The Auto-Tracking System TP-100 will be the personal camera man to keep the person always in the best close-up. AREC 1080p full HD IP camera provides the presenter and audience with a crystal clear image. AREC Media Station allows to mix up to 4 video inputs into 1 movie. Being able to add video sources will enrich the movie content. At the end, users can even export the original recorded videos for post editing in any movie-editing software.