AREC Media Capture System is a solution that records any event and broadcasts it live. It has plenty of amazing features and functions on top of that to satisfy needs of the event’s holder.

This is a quick introduction of AREC media capture system’s advanced features and how these features can help our customers to fulfill all the project requirements. Please be noted that we name only a few of them here:

  1. The Real Auto-Tracking System. In connection with AREC IP camera, it works perfectly as a real camera man. With AREC Auto-Tracking System, users will always have the best and smooth close-up image of the lecturer/presenter.
  2. 15 Preset Points and 3 Patrol Routes. By setting preset points users can create special route for the Tracking Scanner and in case there is no need to wear a Positioner.
  3. Various Video Input Options. AREC Media Station supports 4 LAN ports for IP cameras and 2 HDMI/VGA ports. With these options users will have the best possible solution to record their media.
  4. Display and Recording Layouts. AREC’s in-house “Signal Separation Technology” allows users to have different layouts for the display and recording/broadcasting. So in this case for example, attendees of the event will enjoy only media on the projection screen, while remote viewers can see the presenter in one of the windows of the movie.
  5. Various Video Layout Choices. There are 9 default layouts and extra 9 fully customizable layouts for users to define their own look of the film.
  6. Online Director. This great tool is created for editing movie’s effects (video channels/layouts/sound) from the remote side while the event is being recorded or recorded and broadcasted.
  7. 7 streaming profiles: AREC provides 6 default profiles and 1 extra profile for users to define. This design provides users with the possibility to fit their bandwidth range.
  8. Recording Options: AREC Media Station supports recording of each original video sources for later editing with 3rd party software or (and) records a mixed video from used inputs.
  9. Graphical User Interface & Remote Control: AREC provides the industry-only intuitive graphical user design. Together with a remote control and a monitor, using AREC Media Station is as simple as using your TV set at home.
  10. IP camera: AREC recommends to use IP cameras as a video input in order to save Media Station’s CPU power (video is encoded directly in IP cameras instead of the recorder) and to provide users with all AREC’s features at best possible level.