Auto Tracking Camera
Auto Tracking Camera
Auto Tracking Camera

Auto Tracking Camera in Pakistan

Auto Tracking System TP-100

Auto-Tracking System can track a specific target precisely with exclusive Wireless Mic Positioner. Compatible with diverse types of cameras, TP-100 enables pan / tilt tracking by auto or manual control.

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  • Film Yourself Without Help From a Second Person
    New generation motion-sensitive tracking technology.
    Tracks automatically and precisely in both, indoor and outdoor environments.
    Supports horizontal and vertical movements.
    Precise tracking within a 12 meter radius.

  • Accurate and Smooth Tracking Performance
    Provides superior continued smooth movement even in close-up shots.
    Automated smooth tracking as if controlled by a professional cameraman.
    Ideal device for self-capture your lecture, instructional videos or presentations.

  • Compatible with Diverse Types of Cameras
    With standard camera quick shoe design (1/4" 20 UNC), The Auto-Tracking mount is compatible with diverse types of camera, including DSC, camcorders, CCTV / HD / SDI and network cameras.

  • Supports Dual Control Modes: Auto & Manual
    To provide convenient user experience, it supports auto and manual control modes.
    Auto mode: tracking the target automatically without any assistance.
    Manual mode: control through the web-based interface page.
    Joystick control, RS-485: supports standard Pelco-D/P protocol.

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