Training and Presentations System in Pakistan

Training and Presentations System

Enterprise Training Solution

With AREC Enterprise Training Solutions, enterprises can easily record all the training materials prepared by managers or lecturers, including video, audio and presentation slides. Not only is it convenient for coaching new personnel to the best effects of training and learning purposes, it also readily saves on the travelling expenses of delivering and taking the courses.

Training and Presentations System

Fully Featured for Quick Installation

AREC Enterprise Training Solution consists of the AREC Media Station. This unique station has multiple features, including: synchronized multi-signals recording, local display, live broadcasting, video on demand, live production switcher, and supporting local storage. It offers the most compact equipment to fulfill the entire recording needs.

Fully-Automatic Design. Deliver Intuitive User Experience

Complete with the AREC Auto-Tracking System, the lecturer is constantly tracked without the need of operator interventions, whether he/shes moves around or scribes on board during the course. In addition, the AREC Media Station is also equipped with handy remote control for simple switches of settings. This makes it even easier for lecture capture or conferences recording.

Training and Presentations System
Training and Presentations System

Full HD Video Performance

Enabled for full 1080-pixel high-definition video camera, coupled with AREC excellent technologies of multimedia streaming, compression, encoding, decoding and transcoding, AREC MediaCapture Solution not only offers users with high-quality visual effects, it also efficiently cuts down the network loadings and storage space.

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