Video Conferencing Solution for Corporate

Challenges in the corporate market and AREC solution:

Video Conferencing Solution for Corporate
With Traditional and Deluxe Media Stations:
With AREC Media Capture System, companies can record or stream their meetings for employees to catch up.
AREC Media Stations can stream to each other to link different branches. Videos can be saved on FTP servers for safe access.
AREC Media Capture System solves this by providing Auto-Tracking Systems and wireless microphones. Auto-Tracking Systems reliably track the speaker and adjust position on their own, while also allowing users to install their own cameras.
AREC Media Capture System lets users stream to up to 2 platforms and define their streaming parameters.
AREC Media Stations work with all devices with HDMI and VGA connections. Furthermore, Media Stations can be connected to computers via HDMI-USB Bridges and act as a webcam.
With SpacesGate Media Collaboration System,
In addition to Traditional and Deluxe Media Station Capabilities:
Due to interactive display and projector compatibility, users can transform their screen or whiteboard into a multipurpose tool that improves results and connects spaces and people. Presentations to customers with SpacesGate interactive features improve results, whereas discussion of projects and work on everyday matters is more effective with an e-blackboard.
Dynamic video input switching makes BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) practice convenient for all.
Recording, streaming, and backup functions make preserving meetings, training sessions, and reviewing performance very straightforward. Station allows users to stream live to their colleagues, clients, etc.
Full audio-video collaboration with possibility of choosing each station's inputs to work on brings offices and colleagues together. Work can be done more effectively and less travelling is required.

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